Big Data and Data Science in Healthcare

From genomics to RFID-tagged prescriptions to home health monitoring, the potential for big data to transform how healthcare treatments are determined and delivered is enormous. As healthcare organizations face increasing demand for healthcare services, harnessing data and analytics helps organizations improve patient care and reduce costs. At Pivotal, we are focused on bringing all the benefits of next generation big data and analytics capabilities to enterprises like yours.

Big Data is Changing the Healthcare Industry

"A one percent reduction in process inefficiency
in healthcare would lead to $63 billion in savings."

Adaptive Treatment

  • Treatment efficacy
  • Personalized/precision medicine
  • Omics (genomics, metabolomics, etc)

Patient Care Excellence

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Readmission reduction
  • Resource training and qualifications
  • Early Detection of Impending Physical Deterioration (EDIP)
  • Patient apps (wellness, alerts)

Fraud and Anomaly Detection

  • Counterfeit drug trafficking
  • Claims fraud
  • Accounting fraud and waste

Chronic Disease Management

  • Risk stratification
  • Home health monitoring
  • Environmental exposures and effects
  • Identifying gaps in care

Point of Care Applications

  • Patient scorecards
  • Digital health records
  • Provider scorecards

Service Delivery Optimization

  • Hospital census
  • ER wait time reduction
  • Resource scheduling
  • Claim dollar efficiency
  • Flu season planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Accounting

For Healthcare Executives

"90 percent of surveyed healthcare CIOs say that big data is positively impacting productivity and efficiency."

CSC Global CIO Survey 2014-15

In the future, information will become the new currency. In particular, the actionable insights that can be packaged as a service will become invaluable to reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

David Guzman, CIO, H. D. Smith
CSC Global CIO Survey 2014-15

For Healthcare Data Technologists

As we develop our next generation of strategic solutions, Pivotal’s toolset enables an important balance of scale and economics.

Joe Rostock, Chief Technology Officer, Inovalon