Big Data and Data Science in Banking

Building Capital Markets Risk Applications
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Big data is at the center of how banking organizations are transforming themselves to deliver more value to customers, while cutting costs and mitigating credit, market, and operational risks. Harnessing data and analytics helps organizations meet stringent regulatory and reporting requirements, compete with technology disruptors, and reduce costs in the face of margin pressure. At Pivotal, we’re focused bringing all the benefits of next generation big data and analytics capabilities to enterprises like yours.

Big Data is Changing the Banking Industry

Sales & Marketing

  • Customer retention and churn reduction
  • Next best offer: Product cross-sell identification
  • Predictive analysis of profitability
  • Forecasting demand based on social media sentiment

Risk Management

  • Credit risk stress testing
  • Market risk and exposure analysis
  • Aggregated risk position reporting across business units and geographies

Fraud and Security

  • Early detection of credit card fraudulent activity
  • Analytics based on web proxies logs, access logs, VPN logs
  • Employee surveillance

Trading and Transactions

  • Market risk visibility
  • Same-day trade processing
  • Transaction data ingestion

Compliance and Regulation

  • Legal discovery
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Risk aggregation reporting for Basel III and Dodd-Frank
  • Text analytics on all communications

Cost Reduction

  • Scale-out on commodity infrastructure
  • Database growth and data analysis
  • Reduced database maintenance

For Banking Executives

Technology has already transformed many industries. Next in line is banking. In two or three years, only 5 per cent of consumer interaction will be through branches. The rules have changed and a new league of competitors is emerging.

Francisco González, Chairman and CEO, BBVA

For Banking Data Technologists

Improved business agility makes us highly responsive to customer requests and changes in transaction data. This helps us significantly reduce our risk, while still serving our customers and meeting their credit needs.

Ming Zhang, Vice President, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center