Top Data Science Trends for 2015

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With 2015 just around the corner, the Pivotal Data Science team has been challenged to point its predictive inclinations toward spotting emerging trends in Data Science. With a global team of 30, doing innovative work in almost every vertical market, Pivotal’s data scientists have a rich view into the underlying trends and shifts impacting their craft.

In this webcast, leaders from the team – Annika Jimenez, Kaushik Das and Hulya Farinas – will share their insights on the key Data Science industry trends for the coming year. Every angle of Data Science is fair game:

  • New use cases at the vertical level
  • Analytical tool usage trends
  • Implications of the shift in focus to model operationalization
  • Meta observations about maturity of the craft
  • Ethics evolution in Data Science
  • Venture capital activity

Join us for this lively discussion of top predictions for Data Science in 2015. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where attendees will have an opportunity to share their own thoughts and predictions.


Kaushik Kunal Das
Head of Data Science, Pivotal

Kaushik Kunal Das is the Head of Data Science at Pivotal. His job is to formulate data science problems and solve them using the Pivotal Big Data Platform. He leads a team of highly accomplished data scientists working in energy, telecommunications, retail and digital media. Kaushik has an engineering background focused on solving mathematical problems requiring large data sets. He is interested in questions such as, "How much can a company know their customer and customize their actions in a context-sensitive fashion?" "How can our living and working environments get smarter and how can we get there?" Kaushik studied engineering at the Institute of Technology of the Banaras Hindu University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Hulya Farinas
Senior Principal Data Scientist, Pivotal

Hulya has extensive experience in the application of algorithmic approaches to complex problems in multiple verticals. Before joining Pivotal, she had held positions at IBM and M-Factor where she helped her customers make optimal business decisions under uncertainty by marrying machine learning algorithms with optimization routines. She is currently a senior principal data scientist at Pivotal where she is the lead for health care vertical. She holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Florida.

Annika Jimenez
Vice President, Pivotal Data Labs

Annika is a seasoned leader of analytics initiatives, coming to Pivotal after over six years in data leadership roles at Yahoo! At Pivotal, she has built the “Data Science Dream Team” – an industry-leading group of data scientists, representing a rich combination of vertical domain and horizontal analytical expertise – to facilitate Data Science-driven transformations for Pivotal customers. During her time at Yahoo!, she led Audience and International data solutions for Yahoo!’s central data organization, Strategic Data Solutions and led Insights Services – comprised of a team of 40 researchers covering Web analytics, satisfaction/brand health metrics and audience/ad measurement. Annika is a recognized evangelist for “applied data” and well known for her acute focus on action-enablement.

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