Perfecting the Software Life Cycle


Technologies to develop, test, and run software are out-pacing most organizations' abilities to innovate and succeed in a time when software is a critical business driver, not just a nice-to-have. Architectural styles like microservices, process approaches like DevOps, and runtime environments like containers can offer transformational benefits to organizations willing to endure the blizzard of technological options available today.

Join us for a discussion with Donnie Berkholz of 451 Research for his perspective on the industry, and a look at some industry trends that are driving the way the world builds software. Pivotal's Michael Coté will be your host, offering examples of companies that have successfully navigated the buzzword blizzard and transformed the way they build software!


Donnie Berkholz
Research Director, 451 Research

Donnie Berkholz is the Research Director for the Development, DevOps, & IT Ops channel at 451 Research, which covers the technologies employed for software development and software lifecycle management to drive business growth. Donnie's own coverage encompasses development, testing and release engineering. This includes areas such as programming languages & tooling, source-code management, application lifecycle management, and continuous integration & delivery.

Michael Coté
Director, Technical Marketing, Pivotal

Michael Coté works at Pivotal in technical marketing. He’s been an industry analyst at 451 Research and RedMonk, worked in corporate strategy and M&A at Dell in software and cloud, and was a programmer for a decade before all that. He blogs and podcasts at cote.io and is @cote in Twitter.