Pivotal Software, Inc. Trademarks

The trademarks, service marks and logos (collectively “Trademarks”) appearing on the Pivotal website are the property of Pivotal Software, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “Pivotal”).

The following is a current list of Trademarks owned by Pivotal and their status in the United States. Trademark registrations for these marks also exist in certain additional jurisdictions.

Pivotal Marks
TM Affinity
TM Cetas Cloud & Big Data Analytics 1.0
® Critical Mass Intelligence
TM Enterprise Data Cloud
® GemFire
® GemFire Real-Time Events
® GemFire Enterprise
TM Gnet
TM GoPivotal
TM Grails
TM Grails
® Greenplum
TM greenplum
TM Greenplum Chorus
TM Greenplum Database
® MoreVRP
TM Polymorphic Data Storage
TM Polymorphic Storage and Data Hypervisor
® Pivotal
TM Pivotal Data Labs
® Pivotal Labs
® Pivotal Labs
® Pivotal Labs
® Pivotal One
® PivotalR
® Pivotal Tracker
® Pivotal Tracker
® RabbitMQ
® RabbitMQ (Block) Logo
® RabbitMQ Logo
® Spring IO
® Spring IO Logo
® Spring IO Platform
® SpringSource
® SpringSource Logo
® Tweed
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