Introduction To Pivotal's Next Generation Business Data Lake


Apache Hadoop innovations continue to power and disrupt the data landscape, however, leveraging Hadoop for today's advanced analytics requires a steep learning curve and even more challenging mesh of additional technologies. Pivotal has been busy advancing and opening its unique enterprise Pivotal HD, HAWQ SQL query engine and in-memory capabilities specifically to fit growing demands for advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

In this webinar Pivotal will introduce its core components for a Business Data Lake. We will cover recent enhancements providing more powerful and high performing analytics, leveraging in-memory technologies for real-time processing and analysis and unlocking Pivotal's capabilities for a wide variety of analytic languages, formats and interfaces.

Join us to learn about unlocking Apache Hadoop for next generation analytic intelligence.

Topics Include:

  • Real-Time Processing and Analytics Over Apache Hadoop
  • Closed Loop Analytics On Business Data Lakes
  • Optimized SQL Query For Machine Learning
  • Tapping Into Business Data Lakes For Analytics Without Learning Curves
  • Live Demonstration of Business Data Lakes
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