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100% Apache compliant Hadoop Distribution, fully leveraging the ecosystem of related Apache projects

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Build the Foundation for an Enterprise-Grade Business Data Lake

Hadoop eliminates data silos and provides businesses with a more holistic view of their customers and operations, leading to quicker and more effective business insights. Pivotal HD is an enterprise-ready, Hadoop distribution that ensures you can harness the massive data being driven by new apps, systems, machines and the torrent of customer sources.

Reduce the Cost of Large-Scale Data Analytics

Hadoop has become an economic way to leverage the huge amounts of data produced by new sourcessources – such as social media, mobile sensors, social media and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Pivotal HD is a commercially-supported Hadoop distribution that addresses the complexity and implementation costs of Hadoop by enhancing it with the expressive power of Structured Query Language (SQL).

Accelerate Time-to-Value with Enhanced Analytics Support

While the Hadoop stack is a foundation for a business data lake, it does not provide the complete solution needed to rapidly gain actionable insights from data. Pivotal HD is part of Pivotal Big Data Suite and seamlessly integrates with other components of the suite to extract full value out of the business data lake.


Enterprise-ready Hadoop distribution, optimized for analytics, provides the core Apache Hadoop features and Hadoop-related project features augmented by Pivotal’s value-added extensions and analytics support.

Compliant with Apache and Related Projects

Pivotal HD is 100% Apache Hadoop compliant and supports all Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) file formats. In addition, Pivotal HD supports Apache Hadoop-related projects, including Yarn (aka MapReduce 2.0), Zookeeper and Oozie (for resource and workflow management), Hive and HBase (for language and analytics support).

Execution in Virtualized Environments

Hadoop Virtualization Extensions (HVE) plug-ins make Hadoop aware of the virtual topology and enable Hadoop nodes to scale dynamically in a virtual environment. Pivotal HD is the first Hadoop distribution to include HVE plug-ins. With HVE, Pivotal HD can deliver truly elastic scalability in the cloud, on-premises deployment options.

Optimized for Advanced Analytics

Pivotal HD integrates seamlessly with value added analytics stack components. Pivotal HD provides out-of-the-box integration with Pivotal HAWQ®, an MPP-based native analytic SQL engine that provides analytical processing of structured data in Hadoop.

Use Cases

Business Data Lake

Enterprises ingest structured and unstructured data generated from IT and line-of-business processes and Internet of Things. This data resides on HDFS in Pivotal HD. Enterprises that have terabytes of structured and unstructured data can significantly benefit from a business data lake.

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Large-Scale ETL

Enterprises often implement massively-parallel extract, transform and load (ETL) processing using MapReduce jobs. This is usually done to convert unstructured or semi-structured data into a more structured representation for storage in Pivotal HD. Once stored, this data is further analyzed using SQL on Hadoop and parallel machine learning tools executing on Pivotal HD.

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Batch-Mode Processing and Interactive SQL Queries

Most enterprises use Hive for batch-mode analytic workloads over structured and semi-structured data in Pivotal HD. For interactive SQL queries, enterprises often use SQL on Hadoop engines designed to work on data in-place, in Pivotal HD.

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Large-Scale, Parallel Machine Learning

Enterprises are building advanced analytics models to address use cases – ranging from fraud and outlier detection, to customer sentiment analytics, to predictive inventory management and component failure. Often, they use parallel machine learning capabilities embedded in SQL on Hadoop engines executing in Pivotal HD.

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Case Study

Supporting Rapid Launch of Game-Changing Market Intelligence Service for Retailers with Hadoop

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