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Powerful and rapid analytics on very large volumes of data

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Optimal Cost, Performance and Flexibility

Implement a wide variety of enterprise data analytic use cases at a massive scale by leveraging flexible data models and storage, deep machine learning and out-of-the-box integration with data analytics and visualization tools.

Shorten Your Data-Driven Innovation Cycles

Rapidly develop deep analytics using standard toolsets and languages – including Structured Query Language (SQL), Python, Ruby and Java. Significantly shorten data-driven innovation cycles by combining discovery-based analysis of large data sets with rapid development of data analytics applications.

Perform Business-Critical Analytic Tasks

Perform the most business-critical analytical tasks out-of-the-box by leveraging the mature set of encryption, authentication, high-availability, geo-redundancy capabilities. Adhere to the most demanding security and regulatory policies and business continuity SLAs.

Pivotal is a Visionary
"Pivotal continues to demonstrate market vision, addressing both the needs of operational and transactional processing..."

Mark A. Beyer and Roxane Edjlali

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics


Best-in-class, enterprise-grade analytical database.

Incorporates key performance capabilities, flexible data analytics, enterprise grade robustness, seamless integration with analytics stacks and a database management framework focused on reducing total cost of ownership.

Massively-Parallel, Shared-Nothing Database

  • Shared-nothing architecture that automates parallel processing of data and queries.
  • Petabyte-scale, parallel loading – based on massively parallel processing (MPP) Scatter/Gather Streaming™ technology.
  • Industry-leading, in-database compression technology.

Flexibility in Storage and Analytics

  • Cost-based SQL query optimizer creates query plans that execute complex joins at breakthrough performance on big data volumes.
  • Polymorphic Data Storage™, processing and compression delivers optimal performance and storage efficiency.
  • Flexible partitioning of tables at multiple levels.

Advanced Analytics Platform

  • Optimized for batch jobs with high volume, interactive jobs with low latency and trickle micro-batch jobs with high throughput.
  • Rich SQL dialect with complex join operations.
  • Library of massively parallel in-database, advanced analytics.
  • Extensibility framework for custom analytics and database functions.

Enterprise-Grade Robustness

  • Supports business continuity features such as high availability, intelligent fault detection and fast online differential recovery, full and incremental backup and disaster recovery.
  • A rich set of security and authentication features address enterprise policy and regulatory requirements.

Seamless Integration with Analytics Stacks

  • Integrates with heterogeneous Hadoop environments.
  • Offers comprehensive SQL support with online analytical processing (OLAP) extensions.
  • Integrates with in-memory data grid and object store to post process structured data.

Best-in-Class Data Management Framework

  • Servers can be added while the database remains online and fully available.
  • Performance monitoring framework allows separation of hardware and software issues.
  • One unified framework for monitoring, administration and workload management.

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