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Become Agile

Quickly deploy and manage an analytics-optimized business data lake. Elastically scale processing power in public or private clouds for advanced analytics using Structured Query Language (SQL) on Hadoop and to support data-driven applications at scale.

Discover More Insights

Become a predictive business by leveraging advanced analytics utilizing enterprise SQL on Hadoop and an analytical database. Gain deeper insights than ever before through high performance analysis of extremely large data sets. Create a data science differentiator for your data-driven enterprise.

Innovate at Scale

Turn insight into action by creating predictive analytic applications at any scale. Deploy differentiating customer experiences, including mobile applications, with smart, context-aware features; processed by real-time, in-memory data stores and reliable message queues.

Pivotal is a Visionary
"Pivotal continues to demonstrate market vision, addressing both the needs of operational and transactional processing..."

Mark A. Beyer and Roxane Edjlali

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics

Trusted by companies around the globe


Comprehensive Portfolio for Agile Data

Pivotal Big Data Suite provides a broad foundation for agile data. It can be deployed as part of PaaS technologies, on-premise and in public clouds, in virtualized environments, on commodity hardware or delivered as an appliance.

Based on Open Source

Pivotal Big Data Suite portfolio is compatible with distributions of Open Data Platform (ODP) versions of Hadoop. All components are distributions of open source projects or are in the process of becoming open source projects.

Flexible Licensing Support

Pivotal Big Data Suite is a one to three year subscription to Pivotal’s portfolio of big data products. It is core-based and you choose any size capacity you wish to deploy. Cores can be allocated among products as you wish for the duration of the subscription.

Become a Data-Driven Enterprise

Leverage the complete Pivotal platform for developing and deploying innovative applications. Develop and deploy apps at scale with the Pivotal Big Data Suite. Capture all relevant data with an elastic data infrastructure and perform deep analytics with powerful data science.

Modernize Your
Data Infrastructure

Deploy a Hadoop-based business data lake to analyze data more flexibly than ever before. Scale-out storage and ingest data sets of any size, speed, or source. Flexibly deploy on commodity hardware or in the cloud.

Leverage Advanced Analytics
to Gain Deeper Insights

Deploy advanced analytics databases and query engines that support data science. Perform complex SQL queries at breakthrough speed. Leverage open source advanced analytics libraries and functions.

Deploy Innovative
Data-Driven Apps at Scale

Utilize distributed transactional systems beyond the limits of traditional SQL and NoSQL databases. Leverage in-memory, real-time speed and ensure high availability and resilience of strategic innovative apps.


IBM, G.E. and Others Create Big Data Alliance

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